Generate B2B innovations easily and implement them faster

Digitization offers enormous productivity potential – also and especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. One area of digitization, the «Arbeitswelt 4.0», is in itself already a very large search field for manifold innovations, but many still find it difficult to get started. This is where we start together. In this very interactive workshop, you will learn how to successfully run «Innovation B2B» in your company using the example of «Arbeitswelt 4.0 New Work».

The aim is for you to systematically identify, evaluate, prioritize and realize the potential benefits in your company. Innovation always causes the need for change. You learn to generate and implement them in a meaningful, goal-oriented, inclusive and ultimately successful way. And because it is just not helpful to go home with only “crazy concepts”, you will ultimately learn and experience how to actually implement your plan with the help of leadership and your transformation plan.

This course is temporarily delivered online in two half-days. Contact us to learn more about this workshop.


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