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Working World 4.0 - The SME of the Future - A Handbook

In a world increasingly networked and accelerated by digital technologies, the way people work is changing. People can work regardless of time and location. Covid-19 has established home offices, which are used 60 percent more frequently than before. These changes can be categorized under the term Working World 4.0.

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How will we communicate after the pandemic? A challenge for the modern workplace

In the professional world, many things are uncertain right now - at least in the short term. But one thing is 100% certain: there is no turning back from the accelerated journey to digitization that many companies have been on over the past 12 months.

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Generate B2B innovations easily and implement them faster

Leadership and Innovation Hub: Identify, evaluate, prioritize and implement innovative ideas - learn how to do it here!

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Microsoft TEAMS Presentation

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform for better internal and external collaboration. We will show you how Teams works in everyday life.

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