How to successfully take the step into the working world of the future

August 2021

In a world increasingly networked and accelerated by digital technologies, the way people work is changing. People can work regardless of time and location. Covid-19 has established home offices, which are used 60 percent more frequently than before. These changes can be categorized under the term Working World 4.0.


Working World 4.0 is part of the Digital Transformation, and can be divided into three mutually influencing dimensions: People (leadership and skills for the modern enterprise), Place (making the workplace more flexible) and Technology (software and hardware for establishing and promoting digital communication and collaboration).


As a modern IT company, we of course focus on technology and which organizational measures help to use technology profitably and successfully master the transformation to the modern working world.


There are no patent remedies – but there is experience, which we are happy to pass on in practical guides.


As in the chapter “Die Kunst der virtuellen Zusammenarbeit” in the book “👉ARBEITSWELT 4.0 – Das KMU der Zukunft” by Nicole Krättli und Marc K. Peter (in German only)